Desire the first step toward a better Life

Desire to Change.

In order to start this off right I want to share with you a quote. You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie Jones.” My question to you is how bad do you want it? How bad do you desire too be a different or better you? In today’s word you will find  many heart breaking stories. Stories that defines people’s life as average or justify there in activity in life. In my short time I have experienced people who are in tough situations such as an abusive relationships. I have compassion for them. Not to place them in a category of being and staying a victim. But compassion for them because I know they have a heart and can change and should. Unfortunately ,what you will find is this. It comes down to one thing. They are scared to death and live their life in fear. Most people play life not to lose. Instead, they need to play life to win. Desire is a form a love. Love is the 4th highest positive frequency.


People can achieve amazing thing IF they choose to. It starts with making a decision to change. You must have a will until attitude. I have met many people who look for their security in proving to others that they need approval. I would recommend you stop that mind-set. For the simple reason is you have one life to live. If you really want to change, then do so. It’s time to be your own hero and change for what you feel is best. After all, there is not a statue ever erected to a critic. You don’t have to be a hero. Just the best you that you can be.

“Excusitis”- The Disease of Failures. There is a story on you-tube of a military Vet who was who an disable for 15 year. He was told he would never walk and run again unassisted. The number of years of jumping out of airplanes took a toll on his back and knees. He could not run and became overweight. At some point he accepted that fact and was ready to give up. Finally, one day he decided to make a change. He sought out yoga instructor to help him make that change. They all rejected him, but one man. This one guy who push him to make the change for a better healthier life. To date this guy lost over 140 pounds. More importantly he can run again. I love stories like this that show how the human spirit can move mountains.

Between stimulus and response stands your choice in life. The choice we make defines us. I don’t care how many times you get knocked down it’s about how hard you can get hit and get back up as Rocky would say. I look at it this way. If I was to say you have two choices when it comes to changing. You can either be Mr. Triumph or Mr. Defeat. May people have already  taking the role of Mr. Defeat. They play the blame game for their life. If you ask them why they will tell you 100 different reasons why they can’t do something. It is who I am they think. Sadly they have no power to change not because they can’t change. Mainly because they freely have given that power to someone else. It is like the old sang goes. Dead at 25 and waiting to be buried at age 65. If this is you I want to ask you this. What is the point of your life? I don’t once think you were put on this earth to just exists.

Meet Mr. Triumph. This is my favor guy or gal. If you get to this state congratulations. Some-one who over-comes does not give up. They are always learning and working toward a worthy goal or ideal. If they are not where they are at the blame no one ,but themselves. They are too busy working on them to take account of other people and there miss fortunes in life. Jim Rohn stated that the average home over 250k has a library in it. That is somethings to think about. I love these people because they push forward no matter what. They could be from the person who does good for other to the person who builds a business. They always seem to keep an eye on the prize.

I want to end this way. I believe you can change for the better. You become what you think about. It is true you will be who you dream about too. So all these people with their face down on the ground can change why can’t you? I know you have a dream that never leaves you. How do I know that? Mainly because I am like you. I to desire too live a more happier prosperous live. I know you in fear all the time but fear is nothing more than false evidence of appearing real. My question to you is who is stopping you? Why can’t you will be the person you want to be? Why do you have to let others control the most valuable resource you have? That is your mind. I know you can do this. It takes baby step. Start with one book how to have power and confidence in dealing with people. If you only read two book’s a year in 20 years that forty books! That is not too bad!

Stop being scared and let’s do this!

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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree


If I were too ask you? What is life about? What would you say? Most people I know in my inner circle are on a hamster wheel. They go to work- day in and day out. They are stuck and bonded to work. Like the rat race they are on. They only have glory on the weekends if that. You might find them at the local bars and pubs only telling the local tale of you guessed it, “everyone else business.” They show off there drinking selfes’ and their vacation. If you strike up a conversation with them and ask them what was the high-light of the day  would be that they are excited tell you the played the 3rd level of War Craft. That is their story. Make no mistake that is the story they choose. If it is their story let it be. To me that is not life. Life is more than playing games and living in fear and bondage. Am I jealous? Not a chance. I am completely happy for them. To me the meaning of life is deeper than me. Although I would love to go on vacation’s all day it only feeds my happiness. May people I know are like walking Zombie. The dead feed the dead. It is like the old sang goes. ” Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. Benjamin Franklin.

That is them. But what about you?

Cause and Effect

It was early in May around the 1990s. I was a young child. I remember how my dad hand buildt a swing set for us kids to play on. My dad is very handing when it comes to woodworking.

The summer was warm and very few clouds in the sky. My sisters where in school so I could enjoy the sun without getting bothered by them. I remember how much I loved closing my eyes to dream. As I swung on the swing set I remember how I will I could fly high as a kite with my eyes closed. At that time it felt like nothing in this would could stop this feeling. It felt like heaven. Why do I share this with you? It is simple to show you that kids have a will to dream. The world seems endless. Although I didn’t know it at time I would become to love nature as my daughter got older. It’s simple amazing how you can go from loving nature and the forgetting its awesomeness to loving and appreciating it again as time go on.

In late 2012 I took my daughter to see a movie called the Lorex by Dr. Seuss and first published in 1971. If you have never seen it will not spoil it for you. However,in the Lorex much of the movie was based on conserving and not being wasteful with nature. Not long after that ,I bought my daughter a tree to show how  nature work. The tree is a Japanese Flowering Cherry. My favorite part “is did you chop that tree?”

The act of chopping down a tree is what most people life’s are. The trees by is self -offers many things. It offered shelters to animals. Shade to the animals that most of all it helped the environment around them. Without the ecosystem of the tree every would die out. By cutting down the tree(taking vacation’s) is only a one -time event that helps one person.

The tree is the gift that shadows your life. It is the one thing that keeps on giving. When you protect it and use it to its full potentiality it can be a very helpful tool. Like causes can cause like effects.


Life’s Glory

Life is more than going through the motions. I am very fortunate to get my hands- on the move “The Power of the Heart” by Drew Heriot, In this book and movie they explain how powerful the heart really is. One of the most impact-full stories is about a couples daughter. She was young at the time. Only 21. What I like about her was she was high energy. They described her as the type of person who people want to be around. She was very driven. One after only a few hundred blocks from her place tragically stuck. She was hit by a drunk driver while on her bike and killed. Her mom told a story about her. It was that when they went through her place to clean it.  Her mom found a list of to dos. Her bucket list. Her mom read it and started to cry. She had no idea that her daughter wanted to do this. Moreover, that she got to do it because of life’s events. The story goes on and her daughter becomes an organ donor. Her daughter’s heart went to a 64 year old women. If the story ended here that would be inspirational. However, it does not. When talking to the women the daughter’s mom realized one of the most amazing lessons though life. Most of her to dos on the bucket list the 64 year old women had already done! Simple amazing. They were dream’s like walking though daisy flower fields and being at four place’s at one. I don’t think you could have picked a better situation if you wanted to. It reminds me of the story or the movie “Dragonfly.”

See, you don’t have time to be lazy and to go through the motions. You have a life to live and be part of. Creation is always happening and you my friend are a part of. I don’t buy for one minute you were placed on this earth to be lazy or do nothing, but the rat race. You should and need to start today to do some things with a ever long effect. If you say the words I will someday I have news for you. Someday will never come. What if tomorrow you got hit by a drunk driver? You need to make life more than about you. Give back. Give by supporting a charity. Help others who need it. Become a father or mother figure to someone else but , you. Just do something that can be worth- while. I am going to leave you with this. If someone wrote a book about your life what would it say? That you drank and play video games? How many people do you think might read that? You guessed it. None. Why? Mainly because that is boring. Everyone wants to read about hero’s. So isn’t time you start acting like one?

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(Being) Controlled vs Being happy- The Ultimate choice

(Being) Controlled vs Being happy The Ultimate choice

Sometime I have random thoughts that I don’t know where they come from. This is one of them. One of my biggest concerns is that not that I can’t get what I write done. It’s getting it out there to help just one person in need. I am not sure why, but I noticed little things about people that maybe I was either meant to or just by me being aware. For example, in a photo graphic one’s body language when standing next to someone gave me the notion that they were not (happy) or uncomfortable being around them. Although it was not my place to ask in the first place. My only hope is every human being finds their place in life.

The control.

When I worked at Loffredo Produce I work with a man named Ray. He was at the time my trainer and a believer in Christ. Like any man he talked about his life. At that time I was struggling with my own situation with my daughter’s mom. I don’t remember much of that conversation. However, the one thing I do remember. He said “The more you try to control a situation or person the more out of control it becomes. Thus, the less you try to control things the more-over all control you will have. Wow! So simple and yet so profound. To this day I am grateful to say thing have got better. At the time my heart was full of angry and mainly sadness. I felt as a person I had failed. Until I decided to let go thing would have never changed. In fact, they never would be better.

If the story ended here that would be great. Sadly it does not. To offend I see many people that struggle with this personally with themselves and relationship. Mind you, I am not a relationship counselor. But I do sleep with my eyes wide open! Only kidding. This is one of the most saddening stories and situations in the world. I shy away from advice only because I don’t know what spiritual path one is on. Besides I want it to be their idea not mine. When I see this in a relationship I want to “scream” get out!!! Sooner then later !!

Every situation is different. They might have good reasons for staying. For example, if they have children they might try to work it out. Or it could be a financially reasons. Maybe no one ever told them that they are worth more and deserve better. The case maybe simple fear. Whatever the case is ,I know there is only thing that I know for-sure. To stay is a choice. It might be more painful to leave and stay. I had one person confess to me why it is they stay. I was deeply sadden because you could see their whole demeanor drop. As though they were embarrassed. I get where they come from. It angry me inside. I adore this person. Like most people they were worried about the money side of things. If I was talking to them today I would ask them this. What is happiness worth to you? Is it worth having someone control your fear over money? If you want to lead by example then now is the time to do it. Not only for you. For your kids and your family. I have been very humbled by this situation. I don’t believe they grew up wanting to be feeling like this. I do know this. Doing the same thing over and over again is what Albert Eisenstein calls being insane. Control is not being a leader. Control is the loser that talks inside you that said a person is not to be trusted.



What is it and how does it work? That is a great question. Wiki defines it as a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Big words I know. We are not really human-beings. We are feeling beings. One’s feeling can change many times a day from negative to positive. Energy is all around us. It flows though and near us. People seek happiness in many ways. I believe we can choose to be happy or not. We can choose to focus on love or not. Being or becoming happy is not just a person that might seem bubble all the time. Rather, a person who is energetic and full of life.

Here are 3 Key’s to help you feel more happy


Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. In the movie “Power of the Heart” a lady from Africa was telling an story of real events of Genocide that was going on. Events happened where the president of Africa died. “The hunter” were searching for people inside homes. Mainly women and children. The one priest hid the women in the bathroom shower. They thought they would only be there for days. It turned out they were there for three months. They came close to being caught twice. Both time in wrapped up in fear. Like many of people today in fear when they were being controlled. However, something happened in her heart. She realized that she had two choices to make. One was to be grateful and forgive others. Just like her hero’s did. Those hero’s were: Martin Luther King, Mayo Angalo, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela. On the flip side she could give in to evil such as Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il. I don’t have to tell you who she had chosen. That is not the point. The point is ,she choice to be grateful when she got out. Everything was new to her. She choose to love and have thanks in her heart. You can start today by listing five things you love.


I hate to say it. But you become who you hang out with. If you hang out with people who don’t have any drive they will suck you down to their level. Be careful who you listen to. You might just become them. If you don’t like it then it is up to you to do one thing. Change.


When you are happy and full of life the world is your play-ground. You see more beautiful things. You focus on your dreams and goals. Things don’t get boring because they are not the same every day. You become a happier and more positive person. Don’t let it scare you. There is a learning curve.

In closing I will say this. Just because you might feel “stuck” today does not mean you have to remain there. I feel the price you pay for not being happy is a way bigger price then to be happy. If you think of yourself in terms of energy we either give off “Positive or Negative” energy to others. I have seen it both ways. When your being controlled it sucks the life out of you. You never can reach your full potential because every time you step out of your comfort zone someone is right there to question you. You say or live in Fear. That is not life. If that is what you were meant to do what would be the point of your life. To mean someone who chooses to stay has the energy and life sucked out of them. I have seen it the other way. When they are full of life and themselves they light up like a Edison bulb. They are the true them because that is who they were meant to be. For me it’s exciting to be around someone like that because it makes me happy to see their happiness. It is kind of like a genie saying you have two chooses and one wish. To be controlled and not happy. Or to be free and yourself. Not living in fear and doing what makes you who you were meant to be. What would  you choose?

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Honey suckers or Life Angels

Honey suckers or Life Angels

I want to ask you something. What type of person are you? When I started my path of self-help I began to read things like ” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It was one day that I was listing to an audio program by Napoleon Hill and he stated we all are energy. Everything you see is energy from the car you drive to the very seat you are sitting in the main difference is every object atom “vibrates” at different frequency or rate. My first reaction was this is kind of strange! I hope this guy is not drinking cool-aide! I mean after all. I never heard anyone one talk like this before. At that time I dismissed it and went on with life.

Then I kept hearing this idea that we are all energy. It was many different authors and spiritual gurus mention this! What energy we give out will come back. It was starting to become a AHHAA moment. It was not until I read “The secret ” By Rhonda Byrne that I started to understand. “Life doesn’t just happen to you; you receive everything in your life based on what you’ve given.” ― Rhonda Byrne

From a distance when you are becoming more aware of your thoughts and feels one thing becomes certain. You are either a honey sucker or a life angel. If it is not you it is the person next to you! It is not my intent to make fun of anyone in a mean and evil way. That is not why I am writing this. There are many people in this world who are struggling and I most certainly wish I could tell them the truth. Although I want to love them where they are at they need to realized one thing. The problems in their life are they’re because they attracted it. They continue to attract things in their life though their bad feeling and emotions. If they changed the way they feel, things in their life would change.


Honey Suckers

I like to think of these people as ordinary people. Some of them have good hearts and want to do the right thing. They might loving giving advice to someone with no intention of hurting them. However, their advice is as poisonous as mildew on a rose. Their word leaves dough and fear in some-one mind. Maybe they have a friend who is going through hard times. After they give the advice, it does not empower the other person to feel better. It only makes them more scared and full of fear. You must be mindful of the advice you get. They might mean well, but their words might not serve you. Choose your association wisely.

Honey suckers might come in all different shapes and sizes. The other one that you might know is the one who you want nothing do with. Offend they recognized solely because they want you to stay where you are. This is an the saddest ones because they want to drag people down to their level. It is true that most people want you to get by. Just not by them. People are meant to do go things in life and advance. My own understand of this is if you “pass them” it puts them in a box. A box where they either change to be better or keep you were you are. Change is not easy. If you think it is ,have you tried to change your wife before? How has that worked for you? If you have someone who is like this it might be best to move on. Why? Because they are dream stealers and will suck the life out of you. Why would they want to see you up when they can keep you down? Life is a daring adventure or it’s nothing at all. I have personally seen where someone wants to control someone else. My reaction is that is a sad thing. There is so much out there to learn and see. To watch someone’s every move will never serve them or promote them to be the best they can be. You can only micro manage someone for so long. It is true that people rise or fall to the level you see them at.

Most of all common traits of these people share one thing. Bad attitude. It stinks! They complain and whine all day long about how bad things are to them. Life snows balls for them because nothing in their attitude changes. They whine about the weather. What politicians are doing. How this company or that person hosed them. The list go on and on. If you are one of these people my recommendation is to change. Misery loves company. However, company does not stick around too long. At some point they leave.

Life Angels

If you see these people stop and talk to them. Give them a hug! Some people might label them as high on cool aide. In reality they learned a value lesson. That is their life becomes what they say and think about. They see the best in people. If they were a coach they would hold them to a higher standard because they see more in life. They know that if the cup is half full it can rain and fill it up! I like being around these people. Mainly because they are high energy. They know what to focus on and keep their eye on the prize. To me life is way to short to having limiting beliefs and thoughts. Life angels do not drag people down. Some of my favorite life angels are people such as Mother Teresa, David Foster and who can forget Mr. Rodgers.

We as humans don’t always agree. If you put 100 people in a room and gave them the topic of love you might have 100 different answer. There is no shame in being different. Instead of fighting and call each other names we need to step back and appreciate where people come from. There is plenty go around. Maybe instead of being negative toward other we could learn from them. One powerful word that is rarely spoken about is synergy. Take the best ideas from the 100 people and you might move mountains. Synergy is like team-work. There is not “I” in team. Only we. Together if we focus on the good more good will come our way. If we talk only about hate, more hate comes our way. If you want more love talk about being together and banding as one. If you settle for someone bring you down the only one to blame is you. At any one time you can change and start focusing on more. Isn’t that the point of life is to be more fore-filled?

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Unwavering Belief

Let me ask you something? When did people stop believing? Stop loving? Most of all stop being kind? Those are loaded questions to answer. My response is very simple. Depends on your world view.

You don’t have to look very far to find people who feel beat up, pushed down in life and ready to break. It becomes very evident how people live and react to things in their life. Their words become the truth of the life and their current state of reality. Sadly nothing changes in their life mainly because the images they hold in their mind never change. Therefor the words that come staggering out never change. At that one point in their life if one were too write a book it would be titled ” Mr. So- called hating everything life.” I am sure you met these people. It’s raining only on me attitude. The things they are going thought a lesson’s of life they must learn. It is not an exact science however, they could not feel loved and have low self-image. Maybe no one told them they deserved more. Maybe no one bothered to help pull them off the scrap heap of life and told them that they are worth something. Everyone has a roll to play. Yes every life matters.

I had a conversation with a friend not long ago. My agenda was one thing and one thing only. To listen. Listing is a funny thing. I counted how many times that they said the words “I must confess.” I gave them a hard time because I hear things they don’t. I ask them if they were trying to seek approval. Far beyond all that one message remained strong to me. That behind all the words was someone who needed to and most defiantly needed a lift me up. I can tell in their body language that they felt bad or down about certificate topics. If you were in my shoes you could not help but to want to give them a bear huge until their eyes popped out!


Their story was like many. They start off life as everyone tells them to. They become consumed in life and have kids. Something changes them along they way. Maybe it was fate. They either choose to find a different career or go in a completely new direction. In this case, it was further education. If you sat down with them they would be the first to tell you that they want more in life. Being the old them is not going to matter anymore. They do what they know best. That is to work,go-to school and be a mom. Some-how they feel overwhelmed. Not because they are doing way more than they needed to. Mainly because they are not doing enough to spend time with the ones they love the most. Their kids. This is the point where they throw away the towel or stick it out for-to show their kids they need to finish what they start. I felt bad for them because I know the feeling. However, they deserve more credit then they think they do. Being a mom,working ,going to school and being the glue at a home is not an easy thing.

Too many times in our culture we tend to overshadow the sports stars. Or the holly wood actors. When it comes to parenting you will not find it in the news. The only expectation to this rule is if something bad happens. Because of the attention one might get doesn’t defined them in life. If problems arise you have two options. Flight or fight mode. Stay-at-home moms can be effective and make a difference just as any other person in the world. In 10 August 1976 was not different. Face-book was not around then, but people would have been talking about this left and right. The question is what are you going to do about it?

Meet Nobel Peace prize winner Betty Williams. Mrs. Williams grew up as the butchers daughter. Betty eventually got married and had two kids of her own. She became a dedicated housewife and mother. If the story ended here there would be no point on me containing. Life has hit Betty in the face and changed her life forever. A critical incident took place when children were hit by a car. The driver was an IRA absconder. The IRA absconder was shot and killed by British authorities. The tragic event forced their mother Anne Maguire to commit suicide. If you were there what would you do? Be upset or do something about it?

want to know more? keep a look out for my new book this summer!


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The Pac-Rat and the Bunny and the Uniformed

The Pac-Rat and the Bunny and the Uniformed.

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The Pac-Rat and the Bunny and the Uniformed

The Pac-Rat and the Bunny and the Uniformed

The Choice.

It is new years day. It is cold and you are all stressed out from the holidays. If you are like me you offend buy your kids stuffed animals at the store. Today seems different for me. You walk up to the display where you think you will have a selection of animals only to find there are only two kinds. A Pac-Rat and a Bunny. As far as you are concerned they are both ugly with those big eyes. AKA creepy eyes. However, as a parent you don’t dare tell your kid that. What one do you buy? Or at least convince them to get. In the back of your head the thought sudden comes to you. Wait a minute! They got one last week for. Besides that they have enough to start their own Zoo! Conscientiously you know what one they will pick. You guessed it. The Bunny. In utter disgust you tell your child get it and let’s go. The choice seems very simple yet profound. However, the end result is the same. You choose to let them get just one more animal without thinking about. I know. It happens to the best of use.

The Cliché in life is you spend very little time thinking about what suits your life best. A Pac-Rat or a Bunny. Think of the Rat as a bad attitude and the Bunny as something good and positive. In my experience whenever there is any talk about a rat one thing is for certain. It is never positive. No one wants rats around in their home and most certainly on the street. They are unwanted in many ways. But what about you? If I ask you or someone you know if you are considered a rat or a bunny what would they say? Does your attitude and interaction with others show what you are. Actions speak louder than words. When some one post something does you take the position of a rat or a bunny? Act as a rat would? Do you squeal all over them telling them and tell them  how much of a victim you are? Rats are known to carry diseases that could spread too other. The same can be said for a rat like attitude. It’s true that opposite attract. However, It’s also true like does attracts like. When you focus on the bad what do you get? More bad. Like it or not you get more rats! How can you attract a bunny in any area of your life when you act like a rat! Rats are consumers. They consume your electrical wires, addict space and things you wish they did not. The energy you put out consumes your life. It is much like Albert Einstein said. ”  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is what’s call insanity.

Bunnies are viewed different. Kids are no different. They are known as cute and cuddly. Everyone seems to like them and wants them as pet. Bunnies are low maintaining and kids are often positively stimulated by them. Take note that every childhood bunny has a name. How many time have you named the rats in your attic? There is Sassy, Wait I can hear Splinter! It just does not happen. In most cases we name things that we like. I had a pet named Bart when I was a kid. We all remember stories of Peter Cottontail. When you consider a ” Bunny” your experience more good in life. Life just seems to flow. How you view life is no different. We must take ownership of the small things in life. We all have a choice what we want to be, do or have.


Owning It

Some people will get this and some will not. It is not to beat you up or beat you down. It is the facts of life. To just be aware of what you are putting out is not enough. People judge you by what you wear. What you say and do. Sadly by your status in life. Money or lack of it. Some things might be out of reach for you at the time being. There is one thing you can control. It is your mental attitude towards others and life. It might cost you hundreds to own the new I-watch coming out. However, the real cost is how you project your life’s mental attitude towards other. It’s time to own up to your life. If you are over 18 it’s time to stop to blaming others and your parents. As far as I am concerned the day you turn 18 all your excuses about your folks is over. It was only their responsible for you up until your 18. From there on it’s time to be you. Not them. Owning it is all about having I will until attitude. Things may not be what I want now. But thank goodness they are getting better! Things will not always go right in everyone life. One of my favorite quotes is this. “Whether your thoughts and feelings are good or bad, they return as automatically and precisely as an echo.”― Rhonda Byrne, The Power

How do you change? Start today by writing what you are grateful for. What you put out you must get back. If you put out ill feeling and emotions how do you expect to get good back? One of the main reason people are successful is because the talk about love more than what they hate. Even if you have no intention on being wealthy you can change your mindset. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom. You can still give gratitude right? No matter what you do nothing stops you from saying thank you. Expect for you. No government can stop you. No over bearing boyfriend or husband. Take time every day to get better. If’s only 5-10 minutes a day five day’s a week that compounds over time. It only takes 30 days to make different habits. In closing if today was your last day what would you want to be known as? A pac-rat or bunny? The choice is yours.

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Facing your Goliath

Sometimes in life you might be a character, lets call you David. See David was and normal guy. Much like you might be or feel you are. Nothing special was said about David. Its it a little know story that David was put in a position where the odds where stacked against him. Goliath was a giant that was way bigger then David. Goliath was 7 foot and ugly. Everyone was afraid of Goliath Goliath decided fight with David thinking he was going to win. Pushing is power on to David. Little did Goliath know David picked up stones and tossed them at Goliath. Eventfully beating Goliath. I don’t know about you but I sometimes feels someone bigger is pick on me. Such as a boss or the Government or a medical or financial situation. Alls I hear is I am Goliath. I am much bigger then you. Maybe you feel like David with your current situation. Maybe your facing bankruptcy. Possibly facing health issues or may you are facing relationship heartache. What every the case maybe be you have the power to change it. I am going to talk about 3 principles that you change choose to apply directly to you life for better results.david-goliath-carousel1

Number 1. Have a Will Until Attitude.

This is very important. You see there are many things in life that will bring you down and steer you off course. This has happened to me too many times. How about you? This principle can and is often associated with drive or determination. But it simply it is a choose to push forward no matter what lies ahead. It is said that “The only disability in life is a bad attitude. I am a firm believe that we don’t always get clarity in life. There for every thing happens for a reason. A reason that might not be reviled to us until a later time. The fact is we are all broken human beings trying to find our way in life. It would not heart to apply a little grace to your situation and people that may be involved.

Number 2. Never Giving up

This principle is my favorite. You can read great stories in history about men and women that used this too often. One of my favorite history figures is Winston Churchill. I can’t promise you much,but I can promise you this. If you give up you will never have the opportunity to see the good that is coming. Sometime the one who wins in life is not necessary the smartest. Most Good looking or the luckiest. It simple is the one that do not give up even when the chips are down. It could be said you might be stubborn. I believe this principle can be hard for certain people to swallow. We life in a society where instant gratification is the way of life. We want results now. Why wait? Tomorrow might not be hear. Lets not be solution oriented. I can get the credit card that they will charge me 3 times in interest then what I owe. Why should I wait? Or you could be emotionally hurt by someone or something. I promise you this if you don’t give up and forgive and forget thing can and will get better.
Number 3. Persisting

This is a principle that is rarely taught today. We life in a society of starters but lack finishers. Furthermore it is the foundation to most success people foundation. It was once said that Thomas Edison once told reporters that he had tried over 10,000 materials as filaments for his new invention, the electric light bulb. Success is only on the other side of inconvenience. Nothing more or nothing less. Much persisting has been associated with most of our American Presidents and great visionaries

You choose to be a 7 foot tall bully like Goliath or simply choose to go against all odds like little Dave did. Either way you might be called to leadership at some point in your life. You can step up or duck in run. Quite Franky I will stand if in fight. Will you?

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History vs. Legacy

The difference Between History and Legacy

Dan Marino is one of the greatest passers to ever live, as he threw for 61,000 yards and 420 touchdowns in his career. However, these numbers are mere NFL history and they don’t tell the story of Dan Marino’s legacy. Marino is best known for competing in just one Super Bowl which he lost to another NFL great Joe Montana. Cool Joe didn’t have the biggest arm like Marino and he wasn’t physically imposing. Yet in still, he’s universally selected as the greatest Quarter Back of all times. Joseph Clifford Montana certainly didn’t seem like anything special, and wasn’t drafted until the third round behind eighty one other guys. He’s not the all-time leader in any passing category, but his legacy is untarnished. Montana is the only player in NFL history to win the Super Bowl MVP award three times. He’s still tied with Drew Brees for the most completions in a Super Bowl with 32. It wasn’t what Montana did that makes him the greatest ever, it was when he did it. Stats are just NFL history, where as legacy is something created by people who won’t accept defeat. Montana’s most memorable play didn’t even come in a Super Bowl, it came in the 1982 NFC championship game. No one remembers how many yards were gained on the touchdown pass to Dwight Clark, but everyone remembers the play. Of course Montana’s four rings are a part of his legacy, but Terry Bradshaw also has four rings. Montana’s legacy outshines that of Bradshaw, because he made his biggest plays when his team most needed them.

A legacy is a point to which others may aspire. It’s something that is built and earned and not just a collection of numbers. Talent goes a long way, but determination and perseverance are the most common factors. The most talented people don’t reach the apex every time and some of them never reach it at all. This was nearly the case with Olympic speed skater Dan Jansen. This man is by far the fastest skater to ever live and he owns several world records. However, Jansen almost finished his career without an Olympic medal. Jansen finally won Olympic gold in 1994, but his legacy was almost erased by his inability to perform his best when it mattered most. His eventual victory was one of the most memorable moments in US Winter Olympic history, but it pales in comparison with that of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team. This band of brothers built a legacy at Lake Placid which will never be forgotten.


by :Terrance Jordan

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The Toxic Friend.

A wise man said hind sight is always 20/20. That could not be more true. I had recent experience with a certain someone. Although I am not going to mention a name. It is worthy of mentioning the experience it gave me. I am an upbeat person. I feel good thing are going to happen for me. However sometimes in life we meet someone who we might like and it turns our world upside down. We get so into them and use to them being around that I think we lose the very principles that we might stand on. In this case looking back on this situation it was the best thing that happen to me. Why? Mainly because this person was what I call a toxic friend.

I was watching this show called ghost adventures. Don’t ask me why. It is not my thing to watch a show about spirits and ghost. This team was investigating an extreme haunting in this house. Most of the time they use E.E.P reading and audio and video recording to document their experience for review. This one was very interesting to the fact that they did not need equipment to hear the so-called ghost speak. When they ask question they got an instance response. In the show as they showed different area of the house they showed what they though was one key element. That element was a deep well. They describe this an amplification for there voice box. “The gates to hell.” While they were trying to communicate to the voices in certain parts of the room their meter went off the charts. It read .666 . Pretty scary if you understand it. Then they ask was it you have made the meter do this? A voice said “demon” What really stuck in my mind is One of the guys reported to feel weak and drained of energy while inside the house. He had to leave the house. One of the teammate replaced him. He felt the same thing. They concluded that this type of hunting is not normal. That is an extreme case. It dawned on me the night afterword that was the devil trying instill terror? Moreover was the devil feeding on teams energy to its own advantage? Why else would they feel run down and lifeless. Almost powerless. As long as “demon” was using their energy they were under his power. toxic.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0

What does this have to do with a friend, girlfriend or lover? The answer is simple. Their being in life is not to energize you and make you feel better. They are much like the devil in a sense that they need you. They need your energy and resource to feed on. It might seem innocent, but they will slowly suck the life and energy out of you in order too do what they do best.. In my case I was used in order for them to get their mission accomplished. Although I am not because I know I get what I give. They did not appreciate it and thank me, I know I’ll do better in life. Left in my wake was nothing. After words I found out that they were pretty much a downer in life. There life was full of hate and jealously. They put on a good show in public. However they keep being at my neck about things. Thankfully its over and I will never go back to that. The good news is you can walk away from them. It’s not worth your time to buy into their negative energy. People get what they put out in life. There thoughts and feeling drive there lives and soles. If you don’t want bad in life, get rid of these toxic people ASAP!

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